You'll Never Guess Which Olympic Athlete Is A Trash Collector By Day


Photo: Youtube

When we look in awe at the world’s greatest athletes performing during the 2012 Olympics, it’s hard to believe that some of them have regular day jobs. It can be really expensive to train for the Olympics, and not everyone has expensive endorsements and funding to fall back on. Here are a couple Olympians with surprising day jobs.

Chas Betts

Country: USA
Sport: Wrestling
Age: 25
Job status: Betts is a motions designer, which is a specialised field in graphics that deals with animations. Check out his work on his design website.

Chi Yip Cheung

Country: Hong Kong, China
Sport: Judo
Age: 25
Job status: Cheung is a full-time fireman but hopes to coach judo in the future.

Lance Brooks
Country: USA
Sport: Discus throwing
Age: 28
Job status: At one point, Brooks was juggling seven jobs, including bartending and a high school coaching gig. One of his most recent jobs was in construction.

Urige Buta

Country: Norway
Sport: Marathon running
Age 33
Job status: He works full-time as a janitor.

Debbie Capozzi

Country: USA
Sport: Sailing
Age: 31
Job status: She works for her family’s Italian ice shop in Long Island.

Jamel Herring

Country: USA
Sport: Boxing
Age: 26
Job status: Herring spends most of his time as a US Marines Corp sergeant at the Camp Lejeune base in North Carolina.

Karen Hultzer

Country: South Africa
Sport: Archery
Age: 46
Job status: Hultzer is a landscaper by profession.

Race Imboden

Country: USA
Sport: Fencing
Age: 19
Job status: Imboden just finished an internship at a record label but deejays in his spare time.

Gwen Jorgensen

Country: USA
Sport: Triathlon
Age: 26
Job status: Jorgensen works as an accountant with Ernst & Young in Milwaukee.

Samyr Laine

Country: USA
Sport: Jumping
Age: 28
Job status: Laine actually has a law degree from Georgetown University and passed the New York Bar Examination, so he’s allowed to practice as a lawyer. However, he put his law career on hiatus because of training for the Olympics.

Emil Milev

Country: USA
Sport: Fencing
Age: 44
Job status: By day, Milev is a physical education teacher at the Booker T. Washington Elementary School in Tampa, FL.

Natasha Perdue

Country: Great Britain
Sport: Weightlifting
Age: 36
Job status: Perdue is a garbage collector by day, when she’s not training for the Olympics.

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