Here Are The Startups New Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Has Invested In

Marissa Mayer

Photo: Adam Tinworth/Flickr

Marissa Mayer is the new CEO of Yahoo.What is she going to do with the company? We don’t know. She might not know.

She just landed the job Monday afternoon. She starts on Tuesday morning.

However, we can get a clue about what she thinks is interesting in the tech industry by looking at where she’s invested her own personal money.

Via Crunchbase, and a quick search through Google, we’ve grabbed the companies she invested in.

She invested in uBeam, which does wireless charging

uBeam is a startup from 22-year old Meredith Perry, a UPenn graduate who has figured out how to do wireless charging using ultrasonic waves. Perry taught herself with some help from Google searches. uBeam just raised $750,000 and Mayer was one of the investors.

Brit Morin's startup is an online media company that's supposed be like Martha Stewart 2.0. Mayer was an investor, and it's one of the few media-oriented investments she's made.

Minted is a stationary design company

This is the second startup for Minted founder Mariam Naficy. She sold an online makeup company for $110 million in the first dotcom era. She's back with a stationary startup and Mayer is an investor.

Airtime is Sean Parker's new video chat service

Airtime is the video chat service from from Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning. With those two at the helm, it's no wonder she wanted to invest. The service had a high profile launch but has so far been a flop with users. It's like Chatroulette but run through Facebook.

One Kings Lane is a flash sales site founded by Ali Pincus

One Kings Lane is generating over $100 million in revenue from flash sales of home decor. Marissa is an investor.

Square is shaking up the payments industry

Square is one of the hottest, most exciting companies in the Valley. It's run by Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey and it's trying to change how people pay for stuff. It started with a little plastic dongle which turned iPhones into cash registers. Now it's trying to overhaull all cash registers. Mayer was an early backer.

Natera gives you predicitive information based on DNA

This one is quite different from the rest, and not well known. On Google+ she calls it, 'one of my longest running angel investments.' Here's what it does according to its website, 'The mission of Natera is to help doctors give couples the best chance of having a healthy child. Our company was formed in 2004 by a team of doctors, geneticists, statisticians, and software engineers who embarked on developing a technology, called Parental Support, to enable highly reliable testing of multiple genes and chromosome copy number from a single cell.'

What does it all mean? She has eclectic, hip tastes...

It's pretty hard to look at this list and say Mayer gravitates towards one thing or another. This is probably good for Yahoo, because it means she's open to any good business.

What did we miss? This can't be all of her investments...

If you know about other startups she invested in, let us know in the comments.

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