The 15 Hottest Gadgets Of All Time

iPhone woman

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Everyone appreciates a good looking gadget. “Sleek,” “slim,” “low-profile,” and “innovative” are some other words to describe these products that go above and beyond the norm.

And yes, even “sexy” makes sense in some cases.

We flipped through the history books to find some of the best-looking gadgets of all time.

When looking through the list keep in mind that these aren’t the BEST gadgets, they’re just pretty.

We realise we couldn’t grab them all so if we missed one of your favourites that you think deserves to be on the list drop us a line in the comments.

Atari 2600

It may look antiquated now, but the Atari 2600's form factor made this more attractive than any other gaming device. The 2600's design was simple and wood finish was a nice touch.

The Compact Disc

Sure CDs may be nearing extinction, but image what it was like when they first came onto the market.

CDs were sleek, shiny, and could fit much more than a classic record or cassette.

The second generation MacBook Air

Sleek, compact, thin, and a nice aluminium finish.

What more needs to be said? The second generation MacBook Air may go down as the sexiest computer...ever.

The Motorola RAZR

The RAZR was far beyond its time.

Before the iPhone dethroned the popular cell phone, the RAZR's thin design, futuristic keyboard, and low profile certainly made it a must-have device.

Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 8

We don't know how B&O fit such powerful speakers in such a gorgeous minimal design. These beautiful speakers can be mounted to a wall or moved around anywhere.

All that and this thing can even fit an iPad.

Dyson Air Multiplier

How sexy is a fan with no blades?


Dyson first launched this line of fans in 2009.

The absence of blades and eye catching design really make this fan stand out from others.

PlayStation 3

The PlayStation 3 was designed to look as good as it functioned. It was a winning combination.

PRADA Phone by LG

The Prada Phone by LG was a very beautiful phone designed in conjunction with the popular fashion house.

The Prada Phone by LG won several awards in 2007 and 2008 because of its innovative design. In fact, the Prada Phone actually launched before the iPhone, leading many to think Apple copied LG.

The original iPhone

While the iPhone 4S may be the sexiest phone you can get right now, the original iPhone paved the way for smartphone design since 2007.

The original iPhone's thin design, aluminium back, and glass front created an amazingly beautiful combination. There's not doubt that this device will go down in history as one of the sexiest gadgets ever.

VIZIO Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

Simple. Low Profile. Sleek.

These headphones from VIZIO are some of the best we've seen.

The iPad 2

The iPad was groundbreaking, but the iPad 2 was much better looking. Its paper-thin design and beautiful screen caused the device to fly off the shelves.

Looks definitely had something to do with that, right?

iRobot Roomba Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

The Roomba is compact, discreet, and really cool.

Who knew a vacuum cleaner could be so attractive?

Porsche Design Blackberry

This is probably one of the best-looking BlackBerrys we've ever seen. The Porsche Design team help develop the device and the result is incredible..

It's a souped up version of the Blackberry 9900, and this luxury model is sure to turn some heads.

Leica D-Lux 5 Titanium

The D-Lux 5 Titanium is encased in a silky-smooth, titanium-anodized exterior. This camera looks just as good as the pictures it takes.

Samsung Galaxy S III

The Samsung Galaxy S has a gorgeous, huge screen that displays amazing colours all crammed into a 8.6 mm thin frame. There's not a straight edge to be found on the device, making it incredibly attractive.

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