Here Are The Sayings 6 Successful Australian CEOs Base Their Business On

Business Insider spoke to several CEOs on our contact list to get you a quick run down of the sayings they have built their businesses on, and continue to work by as their companies grow and flourish.

These sayings exemplify how these businesses have become a success and the attitudes of the CEOs who have helped make it possible.

Here they are.

Karen Lawson, CEO, CareerOne:

'We are wired to share… Sharing is to ownership what the iPod is to the 8-track, what solar power is to the coal mine.' - Rachel Botsman

"Rachel Botsman gave a Tedx talk in 2010 describing how a new movement called collaborative consumption is disrupting traditional models now that we have the internet and have the ability to establish peer-to-peer models, removing the middleman and creating a new currency - trust between strangers. Being a digital native it was like a light bulb going off in my brain connecting the growth of disconnected businesses which could be understood by this underlying model. The benefits of utilising assets via sharing as opposed to acquisition change fundamentally how you drive improved returns, access a global market and challenge an inefficient status quo. It influenced me greatly and CareerOne was the first traditional employment portal in the world to embrace this concept by launching our Skills marketplace including ‘Task’ with our partner Airtasker."

Andre Eikmeier, CEO, Vinomofo

'Be human. It's about creating an environment, a brand, where everyone can just be themselves. And therefore cut out all the bullshit, the pretence, the walls, and bring your best. Be honest, be true to yourself.'

"This is actually our own quote that we made up. It really came around the time we started hiring people, which was 2011, just before we started Vinomofo. We were giving a lot of thought to HR and to culture, and what we wanted to stand for in business, and as a writer particularly, I have always hated jargon and believe it creates a disconnect.
The quote is about empowerment. Our team have "permission" to be themselves, if you like, and you see it awaken inside people, and they then take ownership of what they are doing, and they perform better and enjoy it all more. This is also the first of our 12 values in our Mofo Credo."

Zach Johnson, CEO,

'Plumbing before poetry.'

"Atmail is in the midst of making the shift from a lifestyle business to a global enterprise software company. Such a significant change requires a strong focus on building a foundation for growth including staff, systems, product and process (the plumbing). We can then turn our attention to innovation and promotion (the poetry)."

Gen George, CEO, OneShift

'Don't wait till tomorrow to do what can be done today.'

"Every day counts in our business. We need to be fast, nimble and continually changing. So do today as much as you can, and stop putting it off until tomorrow. Otherwise you just waste time."

Anthony Woodward, CEO, Bulletproof Group Limited

'Keep clear sight of your vision, go after your goals even in the face of the many challenges you will meet, and remain true to your values in everything you do.'

"At Bulletproof, we have found that with everyone clearly understanding the company Vision and having a small set of clear, genuine values that governs everything we do helps us in achieving our goals.

"We often find, when making a difficult decision or presented with a complex situation, we are guided by not only our Vision and Goals, but by our Values."

Rosh Ghadamian, CEO, Rozibaby

'Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true' - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"We create what we want to see in the world as entrepreneurs. We would not have started the business if we did not share this philosophy.

Starting a business or any new venture within the existing business is all about pushing the boundaries and "daring" to do it contrary to well intentioned but otherwise unsound advice. It takes courage to start a business and pursue paths no one else has ever done. It is the modern day equivalent of being an explorer going into uncharted water, there are no rules and no roadmaps.

Only one person can make it happen, and that is you. Dreams are powerful if you live them."

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