ANATOMY OF A DISASTER: Here Are The Satellite Images Which Show The Staggering Scale Of The MH17 Crash Site

The tragic shooting down of the Malaysian Airlines jet on Thursday which killed 298 passengers and crew, including 37 Australian citizens and residents has sparked international condemnation.

What’s followed has been a tussle to secure the crash site and launch an international investigation to determine the events leading up to the crash and repatriate the bodies of the deceased.

Australia led a United Nations Security Council resolution which passed on Monday in New York to get an investigation safely started in the Russian-backed rebel territory of eastern Ukraine.

These satellite images from Airbus DS and analysed by AllSource Analysis were taken on July 20, two days after the disaster. They show just how difficult the investigation could be with debris scattered across numerous sites, in some parts by as much as three kilometres.

The primary crash site is south-west of the Ukrainian town of Grabove.

But there has been debris spotted across at least four other locations.

The primary crash site, where the plane’s engines landed, burnt out fields which can be seen from above.

The secondary crash site has debris scattered across two sides of a road and between buildings.

There is also debris about three kilometres from the primary crash site.

AllSource Analysis understands this is the train which was transporting about 200 bodies of the victims so they can be repatriated.

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