Here are the real-time NSW transport apps that will make your commute quicker

Train station in Sydney. Photo: Getty Images

Can’t decide whether you’re going to drive, catch the train, hop on a bus or take a ferry to work? Now there are new apps to help you figure out the best option.

The NSW government has released two new road and public transport comparison apps, Commute and Commuter NSW, which use real-time data to find the best route options and departure times for your journey.

Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight, Duncan Gay, said the apps can be used to learn about incidents along planned routes and find alternatives to avoid congestion and delays — all before you get going.

“The apps will be particularly handy during the upcoming changes in and around the CBD while the CBD Light Rail is under construction,” he said.

Earlier this year the government collaborated with private developers to release four other transport scheduling apps. Here’s the full list available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

  • Commute is for commuters to compare multiple transport options and can predict where the customer wants to travel based on previous entries as well as the user’s calendar events.
  • Commuter NSW compares public transport and driving times in a single view and how these travel times change based on different departure times. Customers can also record daily travels which can then be re-used to predict the duration of the trip.
  • Auto is for customers who have a number of locations they often travel to and want to see the current estimated travel time to help them plan when to leave.
  • Plan A helps customers with a busy schedule who want up-to-date information on congestion, suggested travel times and alerts for when to leave.
  • EasyDrop is for commercial delivery drivers who want an interactive tool to manage their daily delivery schedule, plan for the fastest routes and be up-to-date with traffic conditions.
  • Snarl gives up-to-date information about road incidents and congestion across the road network and close to the customer’s travel route or location.

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