Here are the pros and cons of the federal budget for small business

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Yellow Brick Road executive chairman Mark Bouris speaks to the Xero business breakfast

The federal budget received a mix reaction from the business community. It has drawn praise for focusing on stimulating small business rather than deficit reduction. But some business leaders have criticised the plan for not being more ambitious in stimulating small businesses.

Speaking at a post-budget roundtable of business leaders, hosted by Xero, Yellow Brick Road executive chairman Mark Bouris criticised the small business tax cuts — claiming they were insufficient to spur demand in the economy.

The panel, which included Xero head of accounting James Solomons, H2 Ventures founder Ben Heap, and radio presenter Heidi Armstrong, proposed a raft of other measures to spur small businesses. These ranged from education for small business owners to more and different incentives for investors.

You can view highlights from the post budget business breakfast here: