Here are the professions Australians trust the most — and those we think are dodgy

For the 22nd year in a row nursing has taken out the title as Australia’s most ethical and honest profession.

According to the 2016 Image of Professions Survey released by Roy Morgan Research, 92% of respondents indicated that nurses were the most trustworthy of the 30 professions nominated, beating out doctors (86%), pharmacists (86%) and engineers (78%) for the top gong.

The survey asked the simple question of “which rating best describes how you, yourself, would rate or score people in various occupations for honesty and ethical standards”, asking respondents to grade each occupation as very high, high, average, low and very low.

The final ratings were determined by those respondents who nominated very high or high for each profession.

Outside of the top four placings, there were also strong results for school teachers (77%), dentists (75%), police (72%), high court judges (71%) and state supreme court judges (70%).

At the other end of the spectrum, only 4% of respondents nominated car sales as an ethical and honest profession, the title it has held for over 30 years. Other contenders for this unenviable title included those in the advertising industry (9%), real estate agents (10%), insurance brokers (11%), union leaders (13%) and stock brokers at 14%.

Federal (17%) and state MPs (17%) also featured in the bottom echelons of the list.

In light of recent scandals, trust in ministers of religion fell to just 35%, the lowest level on record.

Here’s the full list provided by Roy Morgan from its website, which also includes results for prior years.