Here are the products likely to be listed on Amazon Australia

Amazon Australia site: Adidas apparel. (Source: screenshot)

As the retail industry counts down to Amazon Australia’s soft launch on Thursday afternoon, it has become increasingly clear what products Australian consumers can expect to see on the site.

In recent days, everything from heaters to computer accessories have temporarily appeared on the site, despite not being available to purchase.

Today, sports shoes and apparel from brands including Adidas, Asics and New Balance were seen on All of which did not have prices listed and have since been removed from public view.

As it has for many years, the front page of is still only showing as a bookshop. But on Monday night, Amazon emailed Australian third party merchants telling them to prepare for sales from 2pm on Thursday when the general goods site would be opened to a limited number of customers.

Amazon Australia site: Asics shoes. (Source: screenshot)

Other products which have been seen on the local site over the last two weeks include household items from Dyson and Sunbeam, in-house branded AmazonBasics products, and exposure of HP computing devices.

Amazon Australia has not commented on Thursday afternoon’s soft launch, although there have been reports that ice cream makers have been commissioned to give out free promotional treats at major railway stations in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.