Here Are The Presents These 13 CEOs Are Hoping They’ll Get For Christmas

Entrepreneurs always have their ears to the ground, seeking out the next big thing in order to get ahead.

This means they are often ahead of the curve when it comes to the coolest new gadgets, books, places and experiences.

With this in mind, Business Insider spoke to 13 Australian entrepreneurs to find out what it is that they are hoping to find receive this holiday season.

From floorboards to Lego, to Telsas and simply some sleep, here’s a roundup of the Christmas gifts entrepreneurs would most like to see under their trees on December 25.

Co-founder of Stylerunner, Julie Stevanja wants a subscription to Audible and a mini Jambox portable speaker.

I love to read but have very little free time, so I rise at 5:30am and listen to business titles during my morning workout. When I love the book (that I'm listening to) it has the added benefit of making it even easier to get out of bed for the next installment! At the office, I'll play music through my headphones when powering through tasks, but this Mini Jambox looks so good, it would make a great addition to my desk, and a pretty alternative. I can switch to calm, relaxing music when I tune into 20 minutes of meditation at the end of the day.

Co-CEO of Vinomofo, Andre Eikmeier wants new floorboards - if he was allowed.

What I want for Christmas is a new floor, but I'm not allowed. I accidentally bought a baby grand piano, which is the first and only time I've ever bought anything without my wife Jodie's permission. Felt very guilty, and of course I had to tell her. But we need to repair the 120 year-old floorboards before it arrives, and because we've been doing an outside extension for the last few months, the idea of a gaping hole in the floor inside for a week with all the mess - well, it was strongly discouraged. So I shall have to wait until the new year to get my Christmas present, and drown my first world problems in the new pool :)

Managing Director of Eventbrite, Rachael Neumann wants to receive an 'experience'.

Since joining Eventbrite, I've really come to rethink my approach to gifts. For me, the perfect gift is not a physical thing (like those shoes I’ve been eyeing), but rather an experience. Live experiences create indelible memories that are more fulfilling and last much longer than that fixie bike I've been eyeing. There are just so many things that I've been wanting to do since I've moved back to Melbourne - from a food tour, to a hot air balloon ride, or a Yarra Valley wine biking tour. If a gift I receive gets me out exploring, I’m a happy woman (...though I wouldn't say no to a puppy!).

CEO and founder of eWAY, Matt Bullock wants Lego.

I get my revitalisation from building Lego models. There is nothing more satisfying than working on a project and seeing it come to completion with a tangible and touchable outcome. This Christmas, I would love the brand new Lego Detective’s Office! The suburban building provides the opportunity to discover a world of mystery and adventure with Detective Ace Brickman, Al the barber and a mysterious lady in red. The scenario includes hidden clues and evidence to help me solve the crime and the Detective’s desk confirms my long held view that creativity is messy.

Head of Asia at Braintree, Tyson Hackwood wants the re-invented band T-shirt - the startup T-shirt.

There are a few things I would like this Christmas. The year has gone too quickly... (so to have) some time to spend in the pool with the kids would be great. (And) T-Shirts from Asia based startups. I love wearing t-shirts, even better when it is for a cool startup. Stickers aren’t bad too...

CEO of CareerOne, Karen Lawson wants to travel to Saffire Freycinet in Tasmania.

I prefer experiences to gifts but most of the things I love are generally food or travel related (brownie points if the present combines both!). We just had the most amazing weekend in Tasmania, we hired a C Class Mercedes which was more like driving the Nasa Space shuttle than a car and spent two incredible days at Saffire Freycinet drinking beautiful wines, dining on local produce and being looked after in a way which was beyond 'service'. So would opt for another two days in a heartbeat!

CEO of CarsGuide, Lauren Williams wants a Telsa model S.

This year I am hoping for a Tesla model S (hint, hint)... but I don't think it will happen.

Founder and CEO of OneShift, Gen George wants a family lunch.

A big christmas lunch with my family. It can be really tricky to get everyone together during the year given that my siblings and I are spread across Melbourne, Sydney and London. It will be the best present ever if I can get everyone around the table to just share a meal and catch up.

CEO of Milan Direct, Dean Ramler wants a stand up paddleboard.

For Christmas, I would love to receive a new JP Fusion 10”8 x 34” Stand Up Paddleboard. Along with my partner Vanessa, we are big into Stand Up Paddle Boarding as it is a great sport, and chance to get away from the office and typical 24/7 connectivity. Nothing beats hitting the bay on a sunny summer’s day to clear the mind and re-energise for the week ahead. Watch this space, Paddle boarding will be the next big thing… if it’s not already.

CEO of Mad Paws, Alexis Soulopoulos wants just wants to experience an 'Aussie' Christmas.

The best presents for me are new experiences.

Although I was born in Belgium, I have been living in Australia for a while now; however, I’ve always flown back to Europe for Christmas. Around the 20th of December, the celebrations usually begin and from the freezing cold temperatures of the northern hemisphere, I see photos of all my Australian friends in swimwear plastered all over Facebook. This Christmas will be my first Aussie Christmas and I’m looking forward to it. This is the gift I have been looking forward to; simply the experience and memories of the holidays spent with friends on the beach. 2014 will be the year I get my swimsuit photo on Facebook and I’ve no doubt my family in Europe will be envious!

Nick McDonald CEO of Prestige Inhome Care.

I would dearly love a Harley Davidson for Christmas as I am obsessed with the television series, Sons of Anarchy. My wife is dead against the idea as she believes they are too dangerous so that is off the list! I would also love a new Garmin 920xt multisport watch. I own the previous model and as a runner and triathlete it is an amazing piece of technology so I can’t wait to see what features the new one has (I love gadgets)! I also want a little remote control helicopter to fly around inside the office with the hope of being good enough to fly post-it notes to other staff.

Finally, I am also excited to get anything that my beautiful daughter Bella makes for me. The homemade presents that I used to cringe at in the past are suddenly worth more than gold now that they are coming from my own child.

Cofounder and COO of HotelQuickly, Christian Mischler wants Master The Game on audiobook and a waterproof iPod.

Christmas came a little early this year for HotelQuickly. We went on a company offsite trip where we worked on our personal and professional goals, and bonded as a team. Inspired by the trip, I hope to get Tony Robbin's latest book Money - Master The Game on audiobook along with a waterproof iPod so that I can listen to the personal development coach while I swim in the morning. I've heard great praise about the book from different podcasts, and the book's profits will be donated to charity. Once I finish reading it, the book will also be a great addition to our growing HotelQuickly library for the rest of the team to enjoy.

Christmas is almost here! Get excited.

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