Markets Open Down Big And Nuclear Stocks Are Getting Slammed

nuclear power plant

Photo: By Pepeketua on flickr

U.S. nuclear companies are getting slammed today, as the crisis at Fukushima’s power plant continues, with all U.S. markets down over 2%.The crisis is now leading other countries to reconsider their nuclear energy programs, including Germany, which is now taking several older plants off line.

The big name on the list in GE, which was involved in the construction of the Fukushima Daiichi facility. Toshiba, also involved in that facility’s construction, was slammed overnight.

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  • GE down 3.71%
  • Toshiba down 19.46% (in Tokyo)

Other nuclear companies and related manufacturers are getting slammed as well:

  • Siemens down 5.15%
  • Hitachi down 8.89%

Some uranium mining shares are also taking a beating:

  • Denison Mines down 17.25% in the pre-market
  • Cameco down 9.10%
  • Uranium Resources Inc. down 17.14%

And, if you’re looking for an industry overview, the Market Vectors Nuclear Energy ETF is your choice.

  • NLR down 8.00%

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