Here are the names you should have if you want to make a lot of money at work

LiveHire co-founders Michael Haywood and Antonluigi Gozzi.

While Ethan Hawke might be on a nice little earner as an actor, you’ll make twice as much money if your name is Stuart, according to online labour market business LiveHire.

LiveHire co-founder and commercial director Michael Haywood trawled through the company’s data set of about 70,000 profiles, which is used by the likes of BUPA, EY and construction industry hire firm AWX, to find what names take home the big bucks.

The names they looked at were based on the 100 most popular registered birth names in Victoria. Good, traditional Scottish sounding names such as Stuart, Donald, Gregory and William topped the male income earners with six-figure salaries, well ahead of the Ethans, Samuels and Joshuas.

For women, it helps to be a Heather, Joan or Carolyn, but best don’t be a Beverly, Beverley, Amelia or Ruby.

Michael Haywood admits the figures are more fun than scientific, and trying to figure out why your name might be worth more money is a doctoral thesis in itself.

“In part, it’s down to simple workforce and social demographics, reflecting the relative popularity of different names at different times and places,” he said.

“Popular baby names differ from decade to decade. There are also socioeconomic variables at play, such as occupation, education, income, wealth and place of residence. People with more wealth may tend towards certain baby names and not others.”

Haywood says you should never rule out individual talent.

So there’s no need to change to you name to Stuart on your LiveHire profile, but if your name is Ethan, at least you now know how much you need to make to lift the average.

Here are the top-earning names from the LiveHire database.

Highest-earning men’s names

    Stuart $107,692
    Donald $103,000
    Gregory $102,500
    William $100,000
    Kenneth $100,000

Lowest-earning men’s names

    Ethan $49,400
    Francis $60,000
    Lucas $62,577
    Samuel $70,000
    Joshua $70,000

Highest-earning women’s names

    Heather $112,500
    Joan $100,000
    Carolyn $87,577
    Kerry $87,000
    Megan $85,000

Lowest-earning women’s names

    Beverley $42,000
    Amelia $48,000
    Ruby $48,000
    Isabella $48,570
    Dianne $50,000

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