Here Are The Lessons Of LinkedIn

Paul Kedrosky

Some random LinkedIn lessons now that the IPO is done, and it’s traded up 140 per cent and over $108:

  • Pushing every investor looking for social-media exposure through a single IPO door produced a remarkable crowding effect.
  • Tiny floats produce outsized effects, as always.
  • Every venture investor I know has changed his plans with respect to taking social-media portfolio companies public. Everyone is thinking … Let’s get everything we have out, like, tomorrow.
  • An absurd number of investors apparently had market orders for LinkedIn stock. Shame on them.
  • The tech/investing/IPO world just changed. Anyone who says otherwise has no idea what he’s talking about.

  • California’s prospective state finances just improved dramatically. As I’ve written before, the state is hugely leveraged to equity gains, and we are about to see prodigious numbers as a rush of companies follow LinkedIn in.

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