Here Are The Key Takeaways From My 5,000-Word Article About Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Photo: Robert Scoble

I’ve gotten a lot of very kind feedback about the 5,000-word article New York Magazine asked me to write about Mark Zuckerberg (thank you!).I’ve also heard from folks who don’t have time to read 5,000 words.

For those folks–thank you for your interest!–here’s a ~500-word summary.

And for folks who don’t have time to read ~500 words, here are the two key points:

  • It turns out that Mark Zuckerberg is a great CEO–one of the two best in the tech industry (Jeff Bezos is the other). Why? A combination of several things: 1) Innate product genius, 2) hugely ambitious long-term vision, 3) ability to attract a great team to execute the vision, 4) lack of concern about short-term shareholder demands that would detract from that vision, 5) Patience.
  • For Mark Zuckerberg, Wall Street and normal concepts of “shareholder value” are, at best, a secondary concern. This attitude will, at some point, drive Wall Street crazy. But Zuckerberg owns 57% of Facebook’s voting stock, so investors who don’t like how he looks at the world can shove off.

OK, one more: Mark Zuckerberg’s priorities for Facebook–products and users first, business and shareholders second–are actually healthy and admirable. The country and the economy would be significantly better off if more CEOs thought this way.

Here’s the article >

And here’s a picture of Mark arriving at today’s big IPO roadshow lunch in his hoodie >

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