Here are the jobs with the most vacancies in Australia, and where you will find them

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Skill shortages prevented 38% of Australian firms filling job vacancies last year according to the latest ManpowerGroup Talent Shortage Survey released this week.

In particular, the survey found vacancies in skilled trades, engineering and executive positions were especially hard to fill.

Now we can put a figure on the number of skilled vacancies that are currently available, thanks to the latest skilled internet vacancy index (IVI) released by the Australian government on Wednesday.

There’s were 159,300 available in September, after adjustments for seasonality.

The IVI is based on recent online job advertisements lodged on SEEK, CareerOne and Australian JobSearch during the month. While it does not reflect the total number of job advertisements in Australia’s labour market, because it doesn’t account for other sources, such as newspapers or word of mouth, online ads are now a significant majority.

So what industries have the most vacancies right now, and where are they located?

The table below, supplied by the government, has all the answers:

The occupational group with the most vacancies is currently professional workers at 44,000.

Reflective of population size, along with recent economic performance, New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland have the highest number of vacancies across the country.

Despite sitting at nearly 160,000, vacancies have actually fallen by 1.5% over the past year, reflective of not only an easing in skill shortages found in the Manpower survey, but modest labour market conditions overall.

The ABS will release Australia’s September jobs report on Thursday, October 20.

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