Here Are The Home Screens Of 13 Successful Australian Entrepreneurs

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You can tell a lot about a person by the way they have set up their home screen.

Some prefer categorising their apps into a few folders so everything they need is on the home page. Others makes sure their most used apps appear at the bottom right hand corner of the screen so it’s easier to access just using their thumb.

The way you arrange apps reflects your organisational skills and priorities. But so does the apps you chose to feature.

Some like to keep it simple, while others have set up their phone around their day-to-day routines.

Business Insider asked 13 entrepreneurs for a screen shot of their phones and a reason for why they have chosen to arrange their apps the way they have.

Here they are. And guess what? Only one of them is on Android!

Chris Ridd, managing director at Xero

I arrange all my apps on my iPhone into key category folders... travel, social, productivity, finance, sport, music and shopping. I like to have all this on the front screen for convenience, rather than panning through pages and pages of random apps with no connection to each other. Any other apps tend to be random and flow over onto subsequent pages.

As examples... under 'Travel' I have Google Maps, AirBnB, Uber and AroundMe to name a few. 'Productivity' has Any.DO for task management (amazing), AnyList for shopping which I can share with my wife, Evernote and Google Drive.

Background picture on my phone is Freshwater Beach in Sydney, taken from where we were staying in July.

Greg Taylor, co-founder of

My home screen is PRIME real-estate. To make it on there, you need to have done something good!

The apps I use the most are closest to the bottom right, where my thumb is closest.
The Clipp Dashboard is my most used apps (actually an m-site) and my travel apps are always nearby. Recently Hotelscombined did a really nice update and I always keep an eye on the weather. Yahoo weather is probably the nicest looking app I've seen, images are crowdsourced and updated daily.

Behind Clipp of course, my favourite app presently is Strava. It's is a genius app for tracking my training rides and runs. It measures segments and compares you in real time to others who have previously ridden the segment or to race yourself.

Adam Arbolino, co-founder and CTO of DesignCrowd

One quick look at my home-screen and it doesn’t take a detective like Jessica Fletcher to work out that my lifestyle is very much 'on the go'. Working at a dynamic startup like DesignCrowd means my phone keeps me productive and connected.

My apps also reflect this. There are four kinds:

    1. Productivity apps to keep me focused on the right things and as effective as possible: Alarmed, for my daily to do, reminders and constant prioritisation of tasks, Sleep Time (which) wakes me up at the right time.
    2. Fitness apps like Moves and RunKeeper because I’m a data nerd who loves to know where every little drop of sweat has been left when I jog.
    3. Spotify and Audible to make the fitness feel like a reward and less of a chore.
    4. News apps like Zite, Business Day and DesignCrowd Jobs keep me updated with what's happening online and on DesignCrowd.

Jodie Fox, co-founder and director of fashion at Shoes of Prey

I've set it up this way so I can access my most used icons as quickly as possible on the home screen.

You'll see most of them are around communication. We use Slack in the office which has reduced email volumes enormously and Whatsapp for quick international comms on the run and pocket for all those articles I want to read on the plane.

Karen Lawson, CEO of CareerOne

With regional teams all over Australia I am regularly flying the red kangaroo and the Qantas app makes it really easy to check in and whizz through the airport.

Slideshark has been one of the best discoveries. As I am regularly meeting with clients or business partners and this makes it really easy to 'present on the go' not needing any Internet connection. It has presenting features too.

Memo is invaluable as I am a frequent presenter at conferences and timing those presentations with each different story line is much easier when you can practice and perfect.

Pandora because I love it!

Matt Bullock, founder and CEO, Eway

Aside from the eWAY app, Gmail, Google, SalesForce and Netsuite are the most frequently used apps since we use them in our day to day running of the business.

I travel a fair bit both locally and globally, so use Tripit to keep all my travel info handy.

I'm a budding chef and love Jamie Oliver's app. He has some amazing easy to follow recipes.

Play Station because I'm still a nerd at heart!

I use the Sonos app to control the music around my home and the office.

I regularly use Facebook and Twitter to post updates on company news and anything relevant to e-commerce and payments.

Andre Eikmeier, co-CEO and co-founder of Vinomofo

In the background are my two little munchkins, captured asleep spooning each other. They're at their most angelic when asleep.

Apps: Facebook, Kindle, Gmail, Maps, Netbank, Instagram. They all get a solid workout.

Gen George, founder and CEO of OneShift

With so much going on all the time, I actually like my screen to be clean and simple. I do use a lot of apps on a regular basis, but don't keep most of them on my home screen. For me, it's about having the essentials easily accessible -- email, LinkedIn, Google Maps, Skype and of course Evernote so I can get everything down. Spotify is there as well for when I need to take a bit of a break.

Asher Tan, co-founder and CEO, CoinJar

My smartphone home screen is carefully orchestrated. I'd say that mobility, collaboration, speed and communication are really key to making CoinJar tick and my screen really reflects that.

For communication I have mail (too many emails!), the usual calls, hello sms - I've never been satisfied with Google's stock SMS app - and Whatsapp which is the easiest way to get in touch with my friends from around the world.

We use Basecamp for team project collaboration and I have a Google folder for regular Google stuff. This allows me to work on the go. I need to stay on top of news and trends in this industry as we're focused on bringing bitcoin into the mainstream.

Twitter is a necessity for finding out what's happening. HN is an app that lets me read the popular Y Combinator news page, Hacker News.

Up the top the CoinJar for Android app which is not on the Google Play Store yet, but I'm testing it everyday to make sure we're releasing the best bitcoin app for Android on the market. I've always been experimenting with quantified self tools and, one is Sleep as Android - I'm a big fan of optimising my sleeping patterns. This app allows me to see how often I get a good night's rest - which is every so often!

Stuart McGrath, CEO of Squixa

There's no real rhyme or reason to how I organise my home screen apart from making sure the most commonly accessed apps are on the iPhone dock. However, I do make sure that everything I need to get to during the day is there and available.

All of our work productivity apps are on the home screen, like Trello and Teamwork for project management, and Zendesk for 24/7 customer support. Hipchat, our internal communications tool, and our social media apps are also a touch away so we can communicate with clients (and potential clients) easily.

Music is a big part of my life, so having access to music apps and understanding the latest and greatest in this space is something I enjoy. The same goes with the Hurley surf app, given I'm based near Manly and enjoy keeping track of conditions on the Northern beaches.

I've still got the phone and SMS apps on there too as they still seem to be a great way to communicate and are killer features on a phone!

David Brim, CEO and co-founder of Tomcar Australia

I like all my apps on the single page. No scrolling through dozens of pages to find the app I need. Looks confusing, but saves me so much time.

Matt Dyer, founder and director of EatNow

My iPhone home screen has a few of the apps that I use frequently such as Spotify, CommBank and of course the award winning iPhone app! Background image is the default.

Brent Grundy, founder and CEO of Flip Out

No one appreciates modern technology more than a business owner, a dad and a husband who is constantly on the go or on a plane. Skype has enabled me to communicate with my clients and business partners face-to-face, anywhere in the world, at any time and at the end of the day I can say goodnight to my family.

Whereas Facebook and WhatsApp have become nothing short of an excellent PA keeping me up-to-date with social events and birthday reminders; but ultimately it keeps me connected with my wife and kids when I’m thousands of miles away from home.

I am fortunate enough to be a young entrepreneur in a very savvy era where apps such as Pages and Docs To Go have made my professional life much easier. It keeps my finger on a pulse as I have a virtual translator and currency converter with me everywhere I go.

The only time I am ‘forced’ to do nothing, usually when I’m on a plane, is when Docs Go and Ideas Sketch come in handy as I can edit my Microsoft documents on my phone. While Mind makes it easier when trying to explain certain things to clients.

As much as my life revolves around my phone, my favourite function is the switch off button!

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