Northern Ireland Installed Hilarious Fake Storefronts To Cover Up Its Crappy Abandoned Buildings Before The G8 Summit

Northern Ireland welcomes the G8 conference this year, and local councils are doing everything in their power to hide economic problems in the the region, Reuters’ Cathal McNaughtan reported yesterday.

They’ve spent 2 million pounds obscuring derelict or abandoned buildings with billboards, demolishing some eyesores, and  installing picturesque security fences. 

One town, Belcoo, has taken an unorthodox strategy of implying prosperity:

In the one-street town of Belcoo, the changes are merely cosmetic. At a former butcher’s shop, stickers applied to the windows show a packed meat counter and give the impression that business is booming.

Here are six pictures from Reuters of the interesting measures Northern Ireland is taking to look pretty for the G8.

Security fencing covered with scenic pictures around an unfinished building site in Irvinestown, Northern Ireland:

northern Ireland G8 fake facades

Scenic security fencing surrounding another unfinished site to slightly less effect:

northern Ireland G8 fake facades

There is nothing for sale in this “store.” Those are stickers on the window. 

northern Ireland G8 fake facades

This is a pretend butcher’s shop. Notice how it doesn’t have a name. 

northern Ireland G8 fake facades

Also, those are just stickers on the window. 

northern Ireland G8 fake facades


Notice how the “clerk” seen through the “door” has not moved. 

northern Ireland G8 fake facades

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