Here Are The Gay Wrestling Ads Abercrombie & Fitch Disavowed

abercrombie & fitch

Photo: Bruce Weber

Abercrombie & Fitch advertising photographer Bruce Weber made a series of gay wrestling videos—which included a man-on-man kiss—but the clothing chain says the ads aren’t theirs.

The backstory is that everyone knows Abercrombie has a gay sensibility (its male cologne brand is called “Fierce,” for instance); that the company’s longtime ad photographer, Weber, is gay; and that the pair have made a mountain of beefcake ads with a homoerotic subtext in the past. This is the store that routinely paid young male models to stand around shirtless in malls to encourage shoppers to drop $150 on a pair of jeans.

Weber posted a Facebook update with a photo of two shirtless dudes wrestling in A&F branded gear, under the headline, “4 NEW WEB FILMS BY BRUCE WEBER FOR ABERCROMBIE & FITCH.”

But when The ShopHound tried to confirm that A&F was finally admitting what everyone already knows—that the super gay chain’s super gay photographer makes super gay ads—Abercrombie stayed in the closet. The ads are not for Abercrombie, the store told the shopping blog.

You can watch the ads here. They are suggestive but safe for work. They show men wrestling in the shower, in the ocean, and one guy skipping until his shorts fall down. This particular video ends with one man giving his shower buddy a lips-to-forehead smooch.

The evidence.

The kiss.

Wrestling in the shower.

Wrestling in the ocean.

This happens all the time when you jump rope at the gym.

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