Here are the mindboggling figures that reveal the epic rally in China's stock market

China Photos/Getty Images

What can stop the rally in Chinese equities? Nothing, it seems for the moment.

On Tuesday the Shanghai Composite Index added an additional 2%, closing at 4910.9.

Here are just a few statistics to show the scale of the recent rally.

  • The index has now rallied for six consecutive sessions, adding a mind-boggling 14.6%.
  • In the past two sessions it’s added 5.4%. For the past three that extends to 8.4%.
  • At 10.4%, the four-day rally is now the largest recorded since December 2008.
  • Year-to-date it has gained 51.8%.
  • In the past year that increases to 114.5%.
  • Today’s closing level is the highest seen since January 21, 2008.

What, possibly, could top that list tomorrow?

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