Here Are The Dirtiest And Cleanest Beaches In Every State In Australia

Manly Beach in Sydney. State Treasurer Mike Baird. Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

The CSIRO, Australia’s peak science organisation, is nearing the end of a project in which scientists surveyed Australia’s coast every 100 kilometres and counted rubbish.

Million of pieces of it.

The data collected will become a national Marine Debris Database designed to assist governments and industry in creating waste management policies and practices to protect marine ecosystems.

The final report on the project is expected to be completed by around July.

In the meantime, the scientists led by Dr Britta Denise Hardesty used the data to compile a list of the dirtiest and cleanest beaches by state and territory, based on the amount of marine debris:

  • New South Wales – Dirtiest: Shelly Beach, Manly; Cleanest: Red Rock Beach, NSW North Coast
  • Northern Territory – Dirtiest: Cape Arnhem; Cleanest: Cape Hay
  • Queensland – Dirtiest: Barney Point Beach, Gladstone; Cleanest: Mackay
  • South Australia – Dirtiest: Border Village (SA); Cleanest: Nora Creina
  • Tasmania – Dirtiest: East Kangaroo Island (West Gulch); Cleanest: Cape Grim
  • Victoria – Dirtiest: Pearse’s Road Beach; Cleanest: Gibbs Track Beach, Lakes Entrance
  • Western Australia – Dirtiest: Ellensbrook Beach; Cleanest: 80 Mile Beach

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