The Anti-Grantland: The Rest Of The Best In Sportswriting Are Starting A New Site

the classical

What would you get if you took a bunch of brilliantly intelligent sportwriters – guys like Eric Freeman, David Roth, Bethlehem Shoals, Tim Marchman, and more – and started a daily web publication?

Something like The Classical, brought to you by folks who’ve written for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated, and just about every other sports outlet you can imagine.

(Here’s the Twitter feed: @The_Classical and a list of the contributors.)

The group launched a Kickstarter campaign on Monday to raise $50,000. The money will cover the first year’s budget including “site design and hosting, lawyering and other businessish stuff” in addition to paying some staffers.

The model sounds familiar:

We will make no attempt to be comprehensive, or even to offer a reliable guide to the world of sport at a given moment. We will not try to be a smarter version of what you can find elsewhere. Instead, The Classical will be a running, wide-ranging conversation between us and our readers about baseball, basketball, soccer, football and fighting, and about things that aren’t sports, too. Our model in this regard is The Awl, a site for which many of us have written and which all of us love.

Best of luck, fellas. If this crew can’t make a business than no one can.

Kickstarter video below.