Here Are The Coolest Gadget Projects On Kickstarter Right Now


Photo: Kickstarter

Sometimes the most interesting gadgets don’t come from big companies at all, but rather independent developers working alone somewhere.Thanks to Kickstarter, these guys can raise money over the Internet to help see their products through to the end.

These are the coolest tech projects you can help fund on Kickstarter right now.


analogue meets digital in this redesigned clipboard that can hold your smartphone or your iPad while you work with paper and pen.

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Lose your keys often? You'll want Hone, a Bluetooth-enabled key fob that blinks and makes noise whenever you trigger it with your iPhone. It has a range of 150 feet, so you'll have a hard time losing your keys for good.

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The cord-cutters out there will want to take a look at Simple.TV, a box that connects to your TV to help you watch and record live HDTV for free.

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Arctic Flight

Your awful coach class flight will never be the same -- this stand mounts your iPad at the perfect height for watching a movie and passing the time.

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Pocket TV

This USB key-sized device turns your TV into a fully functional Android-based computer. From what we've seen, the interface looks beautiful and, to be honest, we can't wait to get our hands on it.

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The Tpod1

One little tea candle is enough to generate electricity using this thermoconductive device. Power a light or charge a battery that can in turn power your USB devices.

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Elphi is a hardware/software combo that puts your electrical outlets on the web. Turn devices on and off from anywhere in the world. You can even set timers to make things happen automatically, like having your coffee ready exactly when you wake up.

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Did you miss out on the Pebble watch? The Cookoo is another interesting smartwatch that pairs with your phone to keep you on top of email, Skype chats, Twitter mentions, and more.

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iPhone photographers will love this -- a polarising filter you can slide over your iPhone lens, built directly into your case.

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