Here Are The Best iPhone And iPad Apps You Missed This Week

amazing alex

There was a lot of shake up this week in the app world.

Popular game maker, Rovio released their first non-bird game, Amazing Alex, Twitter released an update for their mobile app, and Google+ finally launched on the iPad.

On to the apps…

Amazing Alex

Rovio's latest release is a physics-based puzzle game, perfect for fans of Cut the Rope.

Price: $0.99

Sleep 101

Sleep 101 is a free way to track your sleep habits. The app even provides you with free advice on how to feel more energized.

Price: free

Pocket Heroes

Combine the roleplaying fun of Dungeons and Dragons with the asynchronous turn-based gameplay of Words with Friends and you've got the addictive fun of Pocket Heroes.

Price: $0.99

Tiny Wings 2.0

The beloved Tiny Wings got a massive update this week, adding 'Flight School,' a racing mechanic that has you speeding against automated opponents to reach the finish line.

Price: $0.99

Twitter (Update)

Twitter updated it's app for Android and iOS this week. The update brought expanded tweets, events, easier search and push notifications to the app.

Price: free


Scriblist is a simply app for taking notes and sketching or drawing on top of photographs. Use it for shopping lists and doodles.

Price: $0.99

Futurama Head-in-a-Jar Creator

Futurama fans, take note -- you can create your own head in a jar, just like on the show. customise its features and give it a name so it can make it into the future successfully.

Price: free

Google+ (Update)

This week Google finally released an iPad app for its social network. You can share links and pictures, add friends to circles, and video chat with people in a newly-redesigned iOS interface through the Google+ app.

Price: free

News 360

News360 delivers headlines and back stories from more than 20,000 newspapers and magazines. The app also features an awesome interface and gives you all the important news you need and care about.

Price: free

Bad Date Rescue

Now check out these other apps...

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