Here Are The Best iPhone And iPad Apps You Missed This Week

asphault 7

This week’s apps include an update to popular social media blogging service Tumblr and a new way to record your iPhone’s screen in real time.

If you’re looking for a way to personalise playlists by your mood check out Songza

Or if you love doodling and want to share them with others look at

On to the apps…


The popular company that takes all the pain out of scheduling doctor appointments has been redesigned on iOS with a new interface and the ability to make it easier to call your doctor.

Price: Free


MoreDays+ is all about organising your life with pictures and doodles, just like you would with a paper planner.

Price: free

Asphalt 7: Heat

The latest in the famous Asphalt series puts you behind the wheel of a number of different cars in a race to the finish line.

Price: $0.99


The popular music app has been updated with a cool Pandora-like radio feature.

Price: free


The popular social blogging service updated it's iPhone app this week with a newly designed dashboard, faster interface, and gestures.

Price: Free

Display Recorder

Display Recorder lets you record whatever is on your iPhone or iPads screen in real time. The app is pretty awesome. It used to be huge in the jailbreak community and somehow the app was able to sneak into the official App Store.

Price: $1.99

Launch centre Pro

Launch centre Pro is like a speed dial for your phone except it does more than just make it easy to place calls.

The app lets you set shortcuts like, 'calling your mum', 'messaging a friend', 'search Twitter using Tweetbot', etc.

Price: $2.99

If you love Draw Something you'll love The social sketchpad was recently updated to allow users to 'follow' other users a la Instagram. features a sketchpad with a pencil, a ballpoint pen, a highlighter, a marker, and an eraser.

Social media is integrated and the app is even used by the NHL and the hit TLC Show Cake Boss.

Available for iPad.

Price: Free


Songza is all about music discovery based on how you're feeling. You select a particular mood or time of day and Songza creates playlists based on that.

Price: Free

Free App of the Week: Pinball Arcade

Now check out these other apps...

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