Here Are The Best iPhone And iPad Apps You Missed This Week


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This week’s apps include a new first-person shooter, a digital update of an old classic, ESPN streaming anywhere to your iPad, and more.Take a look at the apps you might have missed this week.

NOVA 3 is a brand new shooter game

The latest in the NOVA series is a real head-turner. The graphics on this first-person shooter are great and the gameplay will keep you engaged for hours.

Price: $6.99

Comixology just became the best digital comic book store

With a new deal through Marvel, you can now buy nearly any comic you want through this seriously beefed-up reader and comic book store app.

Price: free

TwitPic finally released a mobile app

They're incredibly late on this in our opinion, but TwitPic has a mobile app for you at last. Snap a picture, edit it, and tweet it out to your followers.

Price: free

Art Circles stylizes your pictures

Art Circles is an app that adds stylised layers of circles over photos you've taken. It's a cool and quirky way to make your images pop.

Price: $2.99

WatchESPN streams any sports event you could want

If you get ESPN, now you can stream it anywhere on your iPad at no extra cost. Watch any sporting event or ESPN show you like.

Price: free


Shake your iPhone like a Polaroid picture...

Straight from Polaroid, Polamatic serves up a fresh dose of nostalgia by making the photos you take look exactly like Polaroid pictures. Filters are plenty and you can even write a message at the bottom of the photo.

This one should have been free, but...

Price: $0.99


We walked you through this awesome translation app earlier this week you can view that here. Basically, SayHi is the translation app you've been waiting for. You use your voice to speak a message and it translates it into 24 different languages and dialects with Speech recognition.

Available for iPhone & iPad

Price: $0.99

Pandemic 2.5

Pandemic 2.5 puts you on the evil side. You control the villain and are tasked with eradicating mankind by designing and releasing your own disease onn the world. This game is based on the popular game Pandemic 2.

Price: $0.99


Flight+ lets you keep track of every flight at every airport in the world and in real time. It even gives you accurate weather including a 10-day forecast for your destination and that's just the beginning. The app is packed with features that help you to make your trip easily and with all the information you need.

Available for iPhone 3GS and newer.

Price: $2.99

iPad Price: $4.99


Instapaper updated its this week app sporting a much better look now. The app features optional iBooks like page turning, new gestures, and the addition of a sepia colour mode for easier reading in low light.

Price: $4.99

More apps this way...

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