Here Are The Best iPhone And iPad Apps You Missed This Week

hunger games

Photo: iTunes

This week we have a collection of games to pass the time and some utilities to make better use of your professional time.Why not sling some arrows in Hunger Games: Girl On Fire?

After that, get some work done annotating PDFs in the updated version of Adobe Reader.

Dream On claims to influence your dreams

How have your dreams been? This app purports to influence them by playing soundscapes for better sleep and dreams.

Price: free

Adobe Reader is an easy way to annotate your PDFs

The Adobe Reader app previously had certain shortcomings, but those have been addressed in this updated version -- add signatures and annotations to PDFs without the use of a computer!

Price: free

Bump unrolled a bunch of new features

Bump used to be exclusively about swapping contact info with someone over Bluetooth. Now they've unlocked some deep functionality in it -- trade songs, apps, pictures, and more, even if you're not near each other!

Price: free

XLR8 will make you think your car is all souped up

If you're self-conscious about the underpowered sounds coming out of your car, hook XLR8R up to your car stereo as it convincingly replicates the sounds of a high-powered car in time as you accelerate and brake.

Price: free

National Geographic Today is a must for those with wanderlust

This app is loaded with all kinds of compelling media to make amazing use of the new iPad's Retina display. Beautiful photos, videos, and news are delivered straight to your mobile device.

Price: free

Daily Show Headlines brings you the best of the Daily Show

Did you miss last night's Daily Show? This app brings you the hilarious highlights so you can make all the references with your coworkers at work the next day.

Price: free

Max Payne makes its return to iOS

This classic computer game gets a triumphant revamp for the iOS ecosystem. Slow time, fire bullets, and do battle with baddies!

Price: $2.99

Sling some arrows in Hunger Games: Girl On Fire

If you liked the books or the movie, downloading this free app is a no-brainer. How are your archery skills?

Price: free

Collect robot bounty in Bounty Bots

You control a greedy robot desperado tracking down enemies and putting them out of commission with a number of weapons including exploding cacti!

Price: free

SparkNotes is for the last minute study session

Did you forget to read that book before the test? SparkNotes has you covered with synopses for a number of classic books. Ace that test with this free app.

Price: free

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