Here Are The Best iPhone And iPad Apps You Missed This Week

monty python

Photo: Apple

This week we have a number of apps for photography, news, and finding your friends.And if you like to laugh, you’ll be especially intrigued by the new apps from Monty Python and Funny or Die.

Find your friends with Highlight

Highlight's premise is a simple one -- leave it running and it lets you know when your Facebook friends are nearby. We took a more in-depth look at the app right here.

Price: free

Read what your friends are reading with identifies what your friends on Twitter and Facebook are reading and serves it up to you so. Then all of you can comment on it.

Price: free

Laugh away with this Monty Python app

We can't imagine a better way to use the iPad's screen than to fill it with the over-the-top comedy of Monty Python. This interactive storybook takes you on a quest to make a movie in 28 days.

Price: $4.99

The laughs continue with Funny Or Die

Funny or Die generates lots of hilarious content, and with their new mobile app, you can keep it in your pocket on the go.

Price: free

Basketball fans need NCAA March Madness Live

This app will let you watch every episode of the March Madness series live on your iPhone or iPad! It's a must for the diehard college basketball enthusiast.

Price: free

iPhoto is an excellent photo editor for iOS devices

Alongside this week's introduction of the new iPad, Apple released iPhoto for iOS. It's an excellent app to make light photo edits and even put together Photo Journals, a visual catalogue of an event.

We took a more detailed look at iPhoto here.

Price: $4.99

iA Writer is the professional writer's dream come true

Too many fancy apps love throwing in all kinds of bells and whistles. This is not the case with iA Writer, a stripped down word processing app that makes it nearly impossible to get distracted by any fancy extras so that you can actually get your work done.

Price: $0.99

News junkies will love AP Mobile

The AP Mobile app offers you 'the world's news at your fingertips.' Local news meets the best of APs photos and videos to help paint an accurate picture of our world.

Price: free

Zombies, Run! is the perfect exercise app for people who hate exercise

Why not make your treadmill workout a little more fun by fleeing from zombies and firing weapons? You'll forget about how hard you're exercising when you're fighting for your life. Click here for our review and screenshots.

Price: $7.99

Photo fiends will have fun with Fuzel

Shoot all kinds of pictures with cool filters and then stitch them together into a photo-mosaic. You can even import your Facebook photos.

Price: $0.99

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