Here are the Australian products online Chinese shoppers are searching for

Photo: Getty

Snacks and children’s toys are among most sought-after Australian products searched for online by Chinese shoppers, a new report shows.

Last year Austrade logged the average daily search frequency of 25 products on the Alibaba-owned online shopping site Taobao – China’s version of eBay/Amazon. They were all products that could be supplied by Australian companies.

The most popular categories were packaged snacks, children’s toys, beer and honey. Packaged snacks averaged a whopping 70,000 keyword searches over the three month period analysed.

Here’s the chart.

But adding “Australia” to the keyword search term changed the results again. Making up the bulk of Chinese online shopping searches when it comes to Australian products was skincare, food and wine, milk powder, and shoes and clothing.

Here’s the chart.

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