Here are the Australian details on Tesla’s updated Model S

This is the new front end.

Tesla gave its Model S sedan a makeover last night, streamlining the design between it and its other models.

The front end has been redesigned, removing the grill to make it look more like the Model 3 which was announced earlier in the month. This was done in an effort to squeeze every ounce of aerodynamic efficiency as possible out of the car, aiding both speed and range.

There are also new adaptive LED headlights, bringing it inline with the Model X SUV which is due in Australia sometime in the next 12 months.

On the inside there are a couple of new interior finish choices, while the same ultra-aggressive air filtration system from the Model X will now be available as an option. And yes, this includes the “Bioweapon Defence Mode”.

A small, but welcome inclusion is also a bump of the Model S’ charger up to 48-amp as standard, up from 40 amps, which means faster charging. Tesla hasn’t said how much faster yet, however.

Disappointingly, there’s no addition of the rumoured 100kWh battery model which would improve the vehicle’s driving range.

All Model S cars built from today will feature the new design and features. New interior options are available for $1500, while the premium package which includes the new air filter will set you back an extra $4500.

And here’s a picture of the old Model S so you can see the difference.

Photo: Getty Images