Here are the Australian details on Apple's new iPhone SE

Here’s the new iPhone in all it’s four colour glory.

Following months of rumours, Apple announced a smaller, cheaper iPhone this morning, the iPhone SE.

It’s essentially the iPhone 6s in the body of the iPhone 5s. So with that, we have a fast A9 processor, Touch ID and the 6s’ 12-megapixel with a 4.0-inch display and body from the iPhone 5s.

In Australia, prices start from $679, which is huge jump from the $US299 base price, and gets you just 16GB of storage in one of Apple’s four new colours. The larger 64GB version will set you back $829.

Pre-orders begin March 25 in Australia, with the phone available in stores and online from March 31.

Despite our hefty Australia tax, the iPhone SE makes it much more affordable to get into Apple’s smartphone range, with the next model up, the iPhone 6s, starting from $1079 for the base 16GB model. That’s a whopping $400 more.

Apple also debuted a new 9.7-inch iPad Pro today, which starts from $899 for the 32GB, $1049 for the 128GB and $1399 for the 256GB variant. Like the new iPhone, pre-orders open on March 25 with the tablet going on sale from March 31.

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