Here are the Australian details for Samsung's new SUHD TVs

They’re also very thin. Photo: Tech Insider.

After initially being unveiled at CES in January, Samsung had finally debuted its flagship SUHD TVs in Australia which are due to go on sale next week.

The whole range will come in either flat or curved, with the company claiming that it actually sold more curved variants than flat.

Like Sony and LG’s offerings, Samsung is pushing high-dynamic range (HDR) as its flagship feature for 2016, and is releasing its new 4K Blu-ray player alongside it for the content.

HDR means that all your colours should pop brighter than ever before, with higher contrast levels, darker blacks and generally just a more realistic and pleasing image.

Interestingly, professor David Reilly from the University of Sydney says the physics behind the quantum-dot technology which creates the picture is almost identical to the physics that creates colour in plants and flowers.

Thankfully, this year’s TVs have had a big update to the Tizen interface too, which is now much more simplified and integrates your streaming services, video game consoles and Foxtel right in its main menu. Everything is meant to be a lot more seamless, with other features like instant resume, where your TV will turn on again where it was before.

The range starts at $3,599 for the 55-inch flat Series 8 model and go up to $5,799 for the 65-inch curved model. In the Series 9, which includes localised dimming to reduce glare and produce deeper blacks, the range starts at $3,999 for the 55-inch flat model. It goes up to $6,299 for the 65-inch curved model.

There’s also a couple of huge 78-inch and 88-inch curved models that will go on sale in July which haven’t been priced yet, but expect at least $10,000.

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