Here Are The 6 Types Of People You'll Encounter On Your Office Intranet

Global IT consultancy Capgemini has come up with 6 ‘digital personas’ to describe its entire 1000-plus Australian workforce, as part of an effort to boost employees’ usage of the firm’s internal social network.

The firm has been using Yammer in Europe since 2008 and Australia since 2011.

Some staff – like Capgemini’s digital transformation team – reckon the social network is critical to collaborating with global colleagues. Others have been more hesitant, preferring to rely on their tried-and-true email clients for communicating online.

To identify barriers to adoption, digital transformation consultant Mani Thiru and her teammates categorised their Austalian colleagues into 6 ‘digital personas’, modelled on real people in the office:

Despite the social network’s potential to improve working relationships, boost transparency, and generate better ideas, Thiru noted that only a dozen or so of Capgemini’s 1000-plus Australian workforce tended to actively contribute.

“For a number of senior managers, they could be dealing with sensitive information [that can’t be shared on the network] and so they prefer email. But I think by and large, it’s a cultural thing,” she said.

“We’re trying to figure out what are the different types of people at Capgemini and what are their needs.”

Thiru said ‘gamification’ could be one way of boosting engagement. This concept of turning mundane, corporate tasks into game-like scenarios has become increasingly talked about in several industry sectors, including healthcare and finance.

Capgemini Australia has two ‘gamification’ technology partners: Sydney-grown WooBoard and US firm Badgeville. The latter partnership was announced last month; Capgemini has yet to use the technology internally.

A team of 12 Capgemini change management consultants is trialling WooBoard, which allows people to write posts acknowledging their colleagues’ good deeds, and encourages others to chime in through a similar feature to Facebook’s ‘like’ button.

Thiru said the organisation also had introduced ‘Digital Hero’ and ‘Digirati’ awards to recognise employees who used new digital tools to add value to projects, and those who were “embracing the Capgemini vision around digital transformation”.

Citing predictions from analyst firm Gartner, Thiru said more than 70% of the world’s largest organisations were expected to have at least one gamified application by 2014, and Australian firms were lagging behind those in the US and UK.

Capgemini Australia’s four-person digital transformation team consults with retailers and finance firms looking to develop new customer-facing sites, apps and processes that support them, or improve their existing offerings.

The team has yet to sign its first Australian gamification client, but firms in the banking and finance sector have shown interest.

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