Here Are The 5 Things You Need To Know Before Opening Bell


Here are the five things that you should be aware of this morning:

  • A double-suicide bombing in Moscow this morning has killed at least 37. The attacks were conducted by two women and targeted the area around the ex-KGB headquarters, now home to the Russia FSB, the KGB successor. Speculation is that the attackers were from Chechnya.
  • Goldman Sachs has stepped up its pro-dollar bets in an apparent about face on the currency. The bank closed its bets on a dollar decline last week, incurring a loss on the trade, according to Bloomberg.
  • In overnight trading, the Euro and Pound have made gains against the dollar. Greece has announced a new $20 billion bond issuance of 7 year maturities, which it will issue by the end of April. This comes on the back of last week’s IMF-EU German crisis resolution.
  • President Obama is planning a legislative ‘Spring Offensive’ which will target education, financial reform, and may even stretch into an energy overhaul.
  • Worries that last week’s U.S. treasury sell off could continue into this week are bringing renewed attention to the U.S.’s own sovereign debt concerns. This comes after the yield on U.S. treasuries grew 30 basis points last week.

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