Here Are 13 Hilarious Political Tumblrs You Need To Check Out

paul ryan

Photo: Hey Girl. It’s Paul Ryan.

There’s nothing quite like a funny political Tumblr to keep a long campaign feeling fresh.And we’ve seen a lot of them crop up this election cycle, from the always hilarious Texts From Hillary to new fan favourite Hey Girl. It’s Paul Ryan, which has all the fiscally conservative ladies talking.

For those of you who are new to all this, the whole Hey Girl thing started with this Ryan Gosling dedicated Tumblr.

But there are also many, many more, and they are all quite funny.

So we’ve decided to pull together some of the best political Tumblrs out there for your viewing pleasure. Many are still active and those that have stopped updating are still worth looking through.

We guarantee you’ll have a good laugh.

Hey girl, it's Paul Ryan.

And Mitt Romney.

Meanwhile, Ryan Gosling fills in for Ron Paul.

Newt Gingrich knows he's better than you.

Barack Obama and Gary Busey are BFFs.

Obama likes to eat dogs.

And Chris Christie just likes to eat.

Michele Bachmann has crazy eyes.

Obama looks at things.

Romney points at others.

He grows a moustache.

And his son has one too.

Finally, Ron Paul channels his inner Ron Swanson.

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