12 Bubblicious Global Cities Where Luxury Real Estate Is Booming


Citi and Knight Frank have released their Wealth Report for 2010, and it points toward massive gains for some markets in terms of luxury real estate.

Seriously, the price growth in some cities will blow your mind (think Asia).

Of course, overall, 2009 was not a great year for high-end real estate, as the US continues to weaken, and Europe turns grey.

But looking at high-end real estate is very telling in terms of what it says about where the upper class is growing.

Check out the 12 cities where luxury real estate is booming >

Bangkok: Prices up 4.6% in 2009

Sao Paulo: Prices up 5.6% in 2009

Washington D.C.: Prices up 5.6% in 2009

London: Prices up 6.1% in 2009

Rio De Janeiro: Prices up 10% in 2009

Mumbai: Prices up 11% in 2009

Jakarta: Prices up 14% in 2009

Singapore: Prices up 17% in 2009

Johannesburg: Prices up 17% in 2009

Hong Kong: Prices up 40.5% in 2009

Beijing: Prices up 47% in 2009

Shanghai: Prices up 52% in 2009

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