Here Are The 12 Australian Celebrities With The Greatest Endorsement Value

In today’s culture – where almost everyone’s a celebrity, thanks to the rise of reality TV and social networks – endorsement value is at the top of the list for marketeers and advertisers when choosing someone to represent their brand.

In fact, according to the Valuing Australia’s Creative Industries report, the Australian marketing and advertising industry contributes $7.2 billion to the economy in revenue every year.

But which Aussie celebs generate the most interest and are identified as an effective product spokesperson?

Repucom, a sports marketing research company, has created the only international index for celebrity evaluation to find out how Australian celebrities rate in terms of awareness, appeal, influence, trust and other attributes.

From a pool of 300 Aussie celebs, Repucom surveyed an online consumer panel of 500 people aged 16 to 69 years, for every 25 celebrities, to reveal Australia’s most endorsement worthy celebrities.

Here they are, and how they rate out of a score of 100.

1. Adam Gilchrist scored 75.06 out of 100

2. Pat Rafter scored 74.28 out of 100

3. Patty Mills scored 73.43 out of 100

4. Tim Cahill scored 73.38 out of 100

5. Adam Scott scored 72.52 out of 100

6. Ricky Ponting scored 71.48 out of 100

7. Brett Lee scored 71.26 out of 100

8. Daniel Ricciardo scored 71.21 out of 100

9. Sally Pearson scored 71.13 out of 100

10. Sally Fitzgibbons scored 70.74 out of 100

11. Ellyse Perry scored 70.65 out of 100

12. Nick Kyrgios scored 70.46 out of 100

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