SAMSUNG CREAMS APPLE: See The 10 Most Effective TV Ads Of Q2

Zooey Deschanel for Apple.

Photo: Apple

Television advertising research firm Ace Metrix released its list of the top 10 ads of Q2 2012 and the results are somewhat surprising: Samsung’s ads were more effective than Apple’s by a longshot—but not in the way you think.Unlike traditional Nielsen ratings where measurements centre around whether or not an individual actually watches something, Ace Metrix measures how viewers react to and receive the ads. This means these are the most-liked ads, not necessarily the most-viewed ads.

The ads are ranked by panels of viewers on a scale of 1 – 950.

The commercial isn't on YouTube, but here's a lengthier video explaining the program.

You can see the actual spot here and below is another ad promoting Lysol's No Touch:

(You didn't think this ad was for a phone, did you?)

You've seen the most liked ads ...

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