Here Are The 10 Best Mogul Halloween Costumes

Halloween is around the corner and, well, we’re really excited. Naturally, as a loving and dedicated reader of Mogulite, you’re in the market for a fast, simple way to dress up like your favourite mogul. Don’t worry — we have you covered. Here are 10 moguls we know you’re thinking about going as on Halloween — and a how-to guide for each costume.

(Note: While we link to different products and retail websites in this post, Mogulite in no way endorses these items or outlets. All links are meant to serve as inspiration only.)

This post originally appeared on Mogulite.

Carol Bartz

For Yahoo's recently fired CEO we'd suggest a black blazer (this one from Express should do the trick, at around $79.90) and this wig for $12.99. Spend the evening cursing heavily and screaming about how those bastards at Yahoo f---ed you over. Which you'll probably be doing by the end of the night anyway.

Eric Schmidt

This is easy. Wire-rim glasses (which you could buy at a thrift store but, if you're so inclined, these look like the real deal) and a striped shirt (I'm looking at you, Murray Hill). Act kind of creepy.

Elizabeth Warren

A pantsuit is probably best for this look, and you'll need some gold stud earrings. You can fashion a makeshift campaign pin to alleviate any confusion and watch this parody video for inspiration. Keep in mind that anyone dressed up like an Occupy Wall Street protester might start following you down the street out of instinct.

Dov Charney

Actually, wait. You know what? Don't. Just… don't.

Steve Jobs

This is a tricky one. While most will tell you that this is the year's hottest costume, it's important to do it tastefully. That means, for the love of cuss, don't dress up as a mother-cussing 'Zombie Steve Jobs,' no matter how many people are talking about it. (YES, Reddit, that is 'in poor taste.') Black turtleneck, jeans, glasses and your best Fred Armisen impression. That's it. You're done.

The Duchess of Alba

85-year-old duchess gives up her entire fortune for love? Yes, it is the perfect costume. And you can commemorate her lovely nuptials in a lace, pinkish dress (a little pricey, but a close replica) and green sash. Bonus points if you can find a partner to dress in a tailcoat.

Mikhail Prokhorov

OK this one is pretty simple. A) Wear a suit. Any suit. B) If you're under 6'5' don't even bother. C) For advice on affect, accent and attitude, look no further than this spectacular mashup from Deadspin.

Reed Hastings

Remember that you're the CEO of Netflix, so life really stinks right now. You can pick up this red windbreaker for a cool $39.95 and toss around red envelopes all night while begging your fellow partygoers to come back. Also, constantly apologizing will earn you some authenticity points.

Danielle Chiesi

Grab some fake pearls for $3.99 and a black sweater vest. You can go blonde or just exude that 'I'm a Former Beauty Queen Who Was Convicted in an Insider Trading Scheme' charm. Plus 1,000 points if you can find someone to go as Raj Rajaratnam and repeatedly ask you to stop telling 'your little boyfriends' all his secrets.

David Einhorn

There are many options for dressing up like hedge funder David Einhorn (heck, you could just wear a suit and complain about Fred Wilpon all night). But we prefer poker Einhorn. The famous card shark notoriously wears his 'lucky sweatshirt' to every tournament -- one that's printed with his wife and three children's hands (I know, it's adorable). Recreate the cuteness with this version of the sweatshirt and some cheap puffy paint, and you're in business. It also wouldn't hurt to spend the night complaining about Microsoft.

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