Check Out These Videos Of Horrible Production Quality On Current TV

olbermannOlbermann’s backdrop at Current (left) was decidedly less impressive than that at MSNBC (right).

If you read Keith Olbermann’s lawsuit against former employer Current TV, then you know he wasn’t all too happy with the cable news network’s production value.”Current’s dysfunction permeated all levels of the organisation,” Olbermann’s suit read. It went on to say that the problems were so bad that they “irreparably tarnished the ‘Countdown’ brand that Olbermann brought with him to Current.” 

Those are some pretty harsh words.

So we decided to see if we could find out how shoddy Current really was. And we just might have found some of the “dysfunction” Olbermann was talking about.

Watch as the lights just go out in this clip (at about 1:15):

And it appears the teleprompter wasn’t working all that right during this segment (at about 3:40):

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