See How The Media Elite Fared In The 'New York Observer's' Power 150 List

NY Observer Power 100

Photo: NY Observer

The New York Observer claims that the one good thing about the recession is “It has created an entirely new power dynamic in New York.”With this in mind, the Observer amalgamated a list they call the Power 150, focused on the “new crop of big shots who have moved in with breathtaking speed.”

It’s a great list and in typical NYO style aims to cover all corners of the New York power elite.  However being the media-centric folks we are we were only interested in one thing!

So with that in mind we pulled 11 top media people who made the cut.

#134 Dave Remnick

Editor in chief, The New Yorker
'Mr. Remnick...just added to his stable of foreign correspondents The Times' man in Iraq and Afghanistan, Dexter Filkins. Now if he could only find 20 young fiction writers ...'

#100 Tina Brown

Editor in chief, the Newsweek Daily Beast Company
'What started as an ambitious Internet magazine cloaked in an Evelyn Waugh allusion has merged with a dusty old newsweekly.'

#77 Roger Ailes

President, Fox News Channel
'His 'NPR executives are Nazis' comment landed him in hot water in November.'

#68 Dennis Crowley

Co-founder, Foursquare
'Though Foursquare is as yet unprofitable, Mr. Crowley envisions his service becoming an indispensable tool for local businesses.'

#63 Henry Blodget

Editor and CEO, Business Insider
'Star tech-stock analyst-turned-media mogul; his fall from grace in 2002 was an obsession of the industry he has now joined. His gossipy Business Insider has been dubbed by some as 'the Hooters of the Internet,' a title Mr. Blodget is known to appreciate.'

#62 Nick Denton

Founder, publisher, chief operating officer, Gawker Media
'Paying college wages and dredging the city's nether regions for content, Mr. Denton proved that blogging could be a business.'

#57 Anna Wintour

Editor in Chief, Vogue
'How many fashion magazine editors are referenced in a Jay-Z song? Ms. Wintour is as iconic as the magazine she has run for more than 20 years.'

#56 Jon Stewart

Host, The Daily Show
'Mr. Stewart has come a long way since Big Daddy.'

#55 George Soros

Chairman, Soros Fund Management; chairman, Open Society Institute
'This hated enemy of the right has donated a lot of money to the liberal cause over the years, all the while building a multibillion-dollar business empire.'

#32 Arianna Huffington

Publisher, Huffington Post
'Say what you will about the Huffington Post's dubious use of Wikipedia citation, Ms. Huffington upended every convention of political journalism with the meteoric rise of her flagship blog.'

#2 Rupert Murdoch

Chief executive officer, News Corp.
'Mr. Murdoch's big spend on The Daily iPad app also makes him a new media titan, adding to his swagger.'

Now which of these people do YOU think were the biggest in media in 2010?

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