Here Are More Details About The Changes Microsoft Is Making To Windows For Version 'Blue'

Julie Larson Green Microsoft WindowsMicrosoft’s Julie Larson Green

In the middle of a longer story about how people should stop critizing Microsoft for making changes to Windows 8, Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet reveals more looming changes to Windows 8:

In addition to the optional Start Button and boot-to-desktop options, there may be other interface adjustments in the works, according to one of my Blue tipsters. I hear the Windows team may also be tweaking the Charms to make them a bit easier to use with a mouse. There might be new built-in tutorials and in-context help coming to Blue. And word is there may be adjustments to the Start Screen designed to make Blue easier to use for Desktop users. One of my sources said some of these tweaks may not be in theĀ Windows Blue preview release coming at the end of June, but that they still could make it into the final product.

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