Here Are Jose Canseco’s Old Milwaukee Beer Ads That Only Aired In Kansas City

Old Milwaukee Beer is back with a new set of bizarrely amusing ads, this time swapping frontman Will Ferrell for Jose Canseco.

In February, Will Ferrell’s Old Milwaukee Super Bowl ad—it’s debatable whether the star’s involvement was due to a social-media promotion between Pabst and Funny Or Die or just due to Ferrell’s love of “good, crappy beer”—only aired in a small city in Nebraska. And the brewery has stayed true to its small, local television market.

This time, Old Milwaukee bought two spots on ESPN in Kansas City during the Home Run Derby in which Canseco congratulates KC for its one World Series championship in 1985, references steroids (which he famously took back in the day), and then struggles to open a can of beer.

The Midwest has all the fun.

Watch the ads below:

“Here’s to not cheating, KC. Sometimes last place is first place.”

“Old Milwaukee. It’s back. Baseball’s back. I’m back. Why not?”

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