Here are how many calories are in 12 of your favourite Christmas desserts


It’s not Christmas without a huge dessert spread.

It’s the one day of the year a five-course dessert is expected, but if you’re trying to navigate Christmas without that bloated feeling it might be worth noting to how much each delicious dessert will cost you in calories.

From Christmas pudding to pavlova and that hard-to-resist gingerbread, we’ve ranked the best desserts you’ll find on Christmas Day by their calorie offering so you can make suitable choices this festive season. Shall we? Probably not, but still.


This might not be “traditionally” Australian, but the Italians are definitely on to something with this delicious sweet treat. Just know, one medium slice is about 370 calories!



What is Christmas without a glorious slice of cheesecake? One slice will set you back around 363 calories. But we bet you’ve been good all year so you deserve it, right?

Christmas pudding

A Christmas pudding is guaranteed to make an appearance this silly season. Whether you have custard or ice cream on the side will of course make a difference as to how many calories are in each bite. One small slice (50 g) is 140 calories.

Mince pies


Mince pies are one of the most traditional Christmas desserts to date, but a small pie is about 200 calories.


You might receive nougat as a gift or stocking filler, but unfortunately there’s nothing really healthy about it. A small 45 gram bar can set you back over 200 calories.

Rum balls


This truffle-like dessert contains anything from nuts, fruits, biscuits, to cocoa and condensed milk. Not to mention rum. One rum ball can contain anywhere from 65 calories to 200!


Eggnog is becoming more popular here in Australia in recent years. Its sweet, creamy taste is a nice side to desserts at Christmas time. A 250 mL glass is about 180 calories.


Tiramisu is fast becoming a firm fixture at dessert time on Christmas day even though it can sometimes be jam-packed with calories. You need to account for all the sugar, alcohol, cream and cake. So it shouldn’t come to much of a surprise that one slice is about 360 calories.



They make a great gift for anyone with a sweet tooth. They’re also super easy to eat and eat again and repeat. One small macaron is about 100 calories.

Baked pears

If you’re looking for a healthier dessert this Christmas, then baked fruit like apples or these pears are a good option. One pear is approximately 100 calories.



It doesn’t really feel like Christmas without gingerbread, right? Luckily, gingerbread isn’t as calorie-rich as some, with one cookie being about 45 calories. But can you stop at just one?


A Summer party in Australia isn’t complete without a pavlova. They’re so easy to make that you can indulge in a slice almost every day, if you’re obsessed enough to whip one up every day. 272 calories is what a slice will cost you, but if you want to make it healthier make fruit the main attraction.

This article first appeared at Popsugar Australia. See the original here.

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