Here Are Fall TV's Biggest Potential Moneymakers

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Doctor dramas, film stars, and a plate of new comedies fill this year’s fall schedule. Networks hope to get a ratings boost from the likes of film stars Lucy LiuDennis Quaid and Ellen Barkin after last year’s successful transition of actress Zooey Deschanel to the small screen.

Other networks are banking on the return of popular actors Hayden PanetierreTerry O’Quinn, and Matthew Perry to primetime. 

We’ve taken a look at the most buzzed about shows across social venues Facebook, Twitter, and, plus watched a few of the early releases to predict the fall’s biggest wins and losses. 

From comical flubs to action thrillers, here are the biggest bets for the fall and the shows that missed the mark. 

Network: NBC
Premiere Date: October 10
Facebook: 29,389 likes
Twitter: 2,292 followers

Though NBC's fire fighter drama didn't make it into the top 10 most popular fall shows on Facebook, we were told Chicago Fire is tracking well with TV Guide, and believe with all the medical shows, cop dramas, and reality series in the mix, audiences could use something different.

We also put our trust in writers Derek Haas and Michael Brandt since they've previously worked together on successful projects 'Wanted,' '2 Fast 2 Furious,' and '3:10 to Yuma.'

Network: NBC
Premiere Date: September 11
Facebook: 39,496 likes / 12,460 talking
Twitter: 3,926 followers

NBC's publicly-criticised show focusing on two gay partners looking for a surrogate has received a flurry of buzz, making it one of the network's biggest bets for the fall.

The network revealed it's answer to ABC's 'Modern Family' online today with an early look at the pilot. After watching, we're pretty sure ABC execs can breathe a sigh of relief.

If the rest of the show is anything like the first, it's overshrouded by too many strong competing voices--an outspoken gay couple (Justin Bartha and Andrew Rannells), a bigoted grandmother (Ellen Barkin), and never shy NeNe of 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Ultimately, the bickering among the four may detract viewers in the long run from the show and its bigger picture about an extended family replacing the nuclear family.

Network: CW
Premiere Date: October 10
Facebook: 31,341 likes / 4143 talking
Twitter: no real twitter handle; however @GreenArrowTV, following news for the show has 2,075 followers.

Between the popularity of 'The Hunger Games' and superheroes at the moment, the show based on comic character Green Arrow has the makings to bring in viewer interest.

The show seems an unlikely ratings winner; however, we -- and many others -- thought the same of NBC's 'Grimm' fairytale show last fall. This will either be a surprise gem or will crumble as quickly as the failed 'Birds of Prey' Batman spinoff.

Network: CBS
Premiere Date: September 28th
Facebook: 1,061 likes / 118 talking
Twitter: 429 followers

'Jersey Shore,' 'Jerseylicious,' 'House Wives of … you get the idea. We think America has had enough of Jersey for now.

The show has said it plans to combat Jersey stereotypes; however, lead actress Janet Montgomery even sports a Snooki-style spoof.

Network: CW
Premiere Date: October 11
Facebook: 33,433 likes

Supernatural shows including 'Vampire Diaries' perform well for the CW. The popularity of ABC's 'Once Upon A Time' and NBC's 'Grimm' warrants an attempt at another fairytale brought back to life.

The CW also welcomes back its star actress Kristin Kreuk from 'Smallville.'

Earlier this year, Disney's brought back its popular version of its 30th film to theatres in 3-D. Earnings of the film reached a paltry $47 million in the U.S.

Network: ABC
Premiere Date: September 26
Facebook: 1,628 likes / 5,419 talking (Note: more people are talking about the show than liking it)
Twitter: 315

After the summer's miss with alien-filled 'The Watch' at the box office -- the film quickly fell out of the top 10 after three weeks in theatres -- we're not sure families are ready to embrace a family full of them.

The concept of an alien family living next door feels better saved for a cartoon series; however, ABC entertainment president Paul Lee has defended the show giving it a lead-in time slot before its coveted 'Modern Family' on Wednesdays.

In all reality, we expect this to last as long as ABC's attempt at a real-life superhero show, 'No Ordinary Family.'

Network: NBC
Premiere Date: September 11
Facebook: 85,366 / 25,128 talking
Twitter: 3,701 followers

Matthew Perry plays popular radio host Ryan King who won't deal with the recent death of his wife. His boss won't allow him back on the air until he's completed 10 sessions of therapy with a group reminiscent of the 'Community' bunch.

The show feels like an improvement over Perry's ABC midseason flop, 'Mr. Sunshine' -- the pilot had us chuckling at some of Perry's antics -- however; we're wondering if the 'Friends' star can pull off playing the widowed husband of a wife killed in a driving-while-texting accident.

We're also not sure if NBC realises that its hashtag for the show spells out the word 'goon' = #GoOn.

Network: CBS
Premiere Date: September 27
Facebook: 24,970 likes
Twitter: 1,454 followers

The show is receiving the best reception with; however, it ranks 15 out of the more than 20 as most liked new fall premieres on Facebook.

CBS is hoping for Lucy Liu's return to television will be a big comeback. Maybe if the show came right on the tails of the last 'Sherlock Holmes' film, it would do superb in ratings; however, it's been nearly a year since the Robert Downey Jr. sequel came to theatres. As well, a modern version of the classic set in New York City may be too far fetched for viewers.

Another gamble is Jonny Lee Miller as Holmes. He last led ABC's cancelled 'Eli Stone,' which, though popular with a cult crowd, had little success as a mainstream hit, and was most recently featured in box-office bomb, 'Dark Shadows.'

Network: ABC
Premiere Date: October 10
Facebook: 64,780 likes / 9443 talking
Twitter: 1,983

We'll be surprised if ABC's country show doesn't catch on with viewers.

Sure, it has frontrunner Connie Britton ('Friday Night Lights' and 'American Horror Story'), but the real advantage is that this is Hayden Panettiere's first return to television since NBC's hit 'Heroes' left the air in 2010.

The drama pits the two against each other as the Queen of Country (Britton) threatens to be replaced by a young newcomer (Panettiere) to the biz.

'Nashville' seems one of the most original bets for network television that isn't trying to become the new 'Lost,' 'Friends,' or supernatural show. provided it doesn't become a scene straight from a daytime soap.

Network: ABC
Premiere Date: September 30
Facebook: 53,557 likes / 5192 talking
Twitter: 2,961 followers

ABC Lost fans of John Locke (Terry O'Quinn) will tune in for this premiere -- he helped boost ratings shortly on CBS' 'Hawaii Five-0'; however, we predict the show will fizzle out after the first few episodes.

Tenants paying their souls to the devil to afford the luxaries of New York City sounds like a new breed of 'Stepford Wives' brought to us by the likes of Stephen King.

Network: CBS
Premiere Date: September 25
Facebook: 56,702 likes / 17,942 talking about
Twitter: 752 followers

Cops versus robbers? Try cops versus mobsters.

It's about time networks brought a western to air given the success of FX's 'Justified' and AMC's 'Hell on Wheels.'

And, we think this updated take on the genre wil do the trick. The period piece casts Dennis Quaid, in his first network television run, alongside Michael Chiklis ('The Shield') and Carrie-Anne Moss ('The Matrix') in, what is essentially, 'Boardwalk Empire' meets the old West.

Network: NBC
Premiere Date: September 26
Facebook: 33,862 likes / 11,659 talking about
Twitter: 1,937 followers

From the cat who attempted to commit suicide in the show's opening scene, to the miniature monkey doctor who roams the halls of the hospital on top of a mini ambulance, Animal Practice was like watching a painful circus act.

In the pilot, lead actors steal a pooch to do illegal emergency surgery on it and then blackmail its owner into paying for the life-saving procedure.

There's only one womanizing doctor with a God complex on television and he goes by McSteamy.

Network: NBC
Premiere Date: September 17
Facebook: 94,909 likes / 14,694 talking
Twitter: 4,462 followers

Say hello to 'The Walking Dead' sans zombies. The fall's most anticipated show, according to Facebook, follows a post-apocalyptic world trying to get the power back on after 15 years of living in the dark.

NBC is pulling out the stops for what it hopes to be its big fall show. The network aired an extended preview of the show during the Olympics (originally set to be a six-minute tease) and early September NBC is holding early-premiere screenings in 10 locations across the country where the entire pilot will be powered by bicyclists.

We're hoping the show can live up to the hype unlike a similar thriller 'The Event' from NBC which failed to catch on after an extended hiatus.

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