Here are facial expressions of the best humanoid robots

Meet “Yangyang,” China’s newest robot with the freakish ability to mimic human facial expressions.

Earlier this week, Yangyang wore a full-length red coat, glasses, and lipstick, while she interacted with visitors at the Global Mobile Internet Conference in Beijing.

According to theDailyMail, the robots’ resemblance to former Alaska governor Sarah Palin is completely accidental.

Here is Yangyang and Palin:

Presented earlier this month at a Hong Kong electronics fair, is America’s equivalent “Han” from Hanson Robotics.

Controlled with a cell phone app, Han has approximately 40 motors embedded in his face that allow him to make realistic facial expressions, Reuters reports.

“He has cameras on his eyes and on his chest, which allow him to recognise people’s face, not only that, but recognise their gender, their age, whether they are happy or sad,” product manager at Hanson Robotics, Grace Copplestone told Reuters.

Here are some of Han’s facial expressions:


Here’s a video of Han’s facial expressions:

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