Here Are Bill Shorten's Six Rules For A Better Labor Party

Photo: Getty/ Ryan Pierse

Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has outlined six rules the Labor party needs to live by if they’re going to go into the next election as the preferred party to lead Australia.

In an interview with Troy Bramston author of “Rudd, Gillard and Beyond”, which will be published next week, Shorten has said his own government needs to evolve in order to be competitive at the next election.

“We need to broaden the party so it has more real-world experience and more diversity of backgrounds,” he said.

“If you want to claim to represent all Australians, then your candidates need to be representative of all Australians.”

Along with these comments Shorten laid out six changes the Labor government needs to make. Here are Shorten’s six rules for becoming a better Labor Party.

1. Touching on former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s cold disposition, Shorten said he wanted to be an inclusive leader: “Treat people with courtesy and respect.”

2. Do not “launch a thousand ships, a thousand ideas (and) a thousand thought bubbles. Do some things and do them really well,” Shorten said.”We made the mistake of raising expectations.”

3. Focus on policy implementation. “Whatever our ideas and however well-intentioned, test their implementation with experts,” the Opposition Leader said. “We probably tried to do too much on too many fronts and didn’t adequately prepare the ground enough.”

4. Shorten suggested the Rudd-Gillard governments relationship with businesses was sometimes hostile he wants Labor to: “Talk to the private sector.”

5. Following on from this he wished to be a “no surprises” government saying “business and the community want consistency.”

6. Finally Shorten said better communication with voters will benefit his party: “You have got to explain what you’re solving. Don’t go straight to the solution.”

Bramston published his interview with the Opposition leader in The Australian. His book “Rudd, Gillard and Beyond” will be published next week.

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