Here Are Some Of The Casting Suggestions For Australian Politicians In Julia Gillard, The Movie

Following the announcement that Rachael Griffith will play Julia Gillard in WTFN’s new television drama, many have taken to Twitter with their personal suggestions for other politician casting possibilities.

Samantha Maiden tweeted this doppelgänger for Tony Abbott: “Office declares Hugo weaving stand out to play Tony Abbott via rharris334.”


Rob Harris suggests Geoffrey Rush would make a fitting Peter Slipper: “So Geoffrey Rush can put his character acting skills to work and play Peter Slipper. #juliathemovie”

Twitter/ rharris334

People’s Elbow got creative, envisioning an older Damon Herriman for former PM Kevin Rudd: “Damon Herriman (aged with makeup) as Rudd #JuliaTheMovie”

Twitter/ craigunderscore

This a suggestion for the casting of Peter Hartcher came from Jane Cattermole: “David Wenham as Peter Hartcher #JuliaTheMovie”

Twitter/ janecat60

Meanwhile, others saw the #JuliaTheMovie as an opportunity make some tongue-in-cheek suggestions.

Jane Cattermole took a stab at Rudd’s leadership with this tweet: “I think Hugh Jackman as KRudd but only because he has the props already. #JuliaTheMovie”

Twitter/ janecat60

And Mr Hepzn found alien similarities for Bob Carr: “ET to play Bob Carr in #JuliaTheMovie.”

Here are some more comical casting suggestions that can be found under the hashtag #JuliaTheMovie.

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