Here Are Apple's 'Dreadful' New Ads For The Mac

Apple aired three new ads last night during the Olympics for the Mac and the “Genius” bar at Apple’s stores.

The response to the ads has not been good. Fortune’s Apple blogger Philip Elmer DeWitt wrote that only one of the three ads is enjoyable. 9 to 5 Mac’s Mark Gurman tweeted, “Not a fan of this new ad.”

Former Business Insider politics editor, John Ellis wrote on Twitter, “We were surprised, last night, watching the Olympic coverage, by the Apple ads. Think it’s the first time Apple ads have been dreadful.”

Current BI editor Nicholas Carlson seconded that, tweeting, “Oh no. Another terrible Mac commercial.”

The ads, which are embedded below show a Mac “Genius” helping people at various times in their life. They seem like the sequel to the Mac versus a PC ad. (Personally, I think they’re fine, but I am clearly in the minority on this one!)

The bad news for everyone that hates them is that they’re probably not going away any time soon. It seems like the next theme for Apple ads.

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