Here Are 9 Of Time Magazine's Most Controversial Covers

time magazine

Time Magazine shocked a lot of people with this racy new cover for its next issue.

The cover is of 26-year-old mum Jamie Lynne Grumet breast feeding, or at least pretending to, her 3-year-old son. The accompanying story takes a look at the rise in so-called attachment parents.

But using such attention grabbing  covers isn’t anything new for Time.

The magazine has had a long history of pairing some racy images with their cover stories.

And we’ve assembled a collection of some of the edgiest ones for your viewing pleasure.


This 2010 cover features Aisha, an 18-year-old girl, who had her nose cut off by the Taliban.

This graphic photo of the World Trade centre made many Time readers feel uncomfortable.

In 1966, Time made headlines with this provocative cover posing the question: 'Is God Dead?'

This 1994 cover of O.J. Simpson was artificially darkened triggering outrage against Time.

Time brought the uncomfortable issue of assisted suicides front and centre with this 1990 cover.

Some thought the 'M' in this 2002 cover made it look like Rev. Billy Graham had devil horns. Time said it was just a coincidence.

In 1997, Time shocked many with this cover of Ellen DeGeneres coming out as being gay.

This 2012 cover about Latino voters sparked controversy by including a person who wasn't Latino at all.

Naming Hitler 'Man of the Year' in this 1939 issue is still controversial today.

But Time isn't the only one to publish provocative covers.

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