Here Are 8 Weird And Wonderful Destinations Australian Travellers Were Dreaming Of In 2013

Aussie travellers are looking for a holiday destination with a little bit more flair.

According to flight search website Skyscanner the fastest growing emerging destinations for Australian outbound travellers in 2013 were not what you would expect.

The statistics are based on the jump if flight searches on the website in the 12 months from January 2013.

The Republic of Macedonia

With a 48 per cent jump in the amount of travellers looking to fly to the Republic of Macedonia, the south-eastern European destination topped the emerging destinations list in 2013.


The amount of Australian travellers thinking of heading to Samoa increased 47 per cent in 2013. The South Pacific destination is made up of ten islands, this shot was taken on Upolu, the country’s most populated island.


The amount of Australian’s looking for flights to Brazil increased 45 per cent year-on-year in 2013. The South American country is hosting the Soccer World Cup later this year.


The amount of Australian based travellers dreaming of a trip to Iran increased 44 per cent in 2013. This photograph is of the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in Naqsh-e Jahan Square in Isfahan, Iran.


The number of flight searches from Australia to Peru jumped 43 per cent in 2013. This shot captures the historic Machu Picchu site.


Sparking an interest with Australian travellers last year, the number of searches for trips to Bolivia jumped 41 per cent in 2013. This photograph looks down on the South American country's third most populous city La Paz.


The amount of travellers searching for flights to Bangladesh in 2013 increased 41 per cent. This photograph is of a woman harvesting tea in the Sylhet region of Bangladesh.


Searches to Venezuela jumped 40 per cent in 2013. This shot is of the powerful falls and tourists boat in the lagoon of the Canaima national park - Venezuela, Latin America .

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